We maintain several globally recognized third party certifications to ensure that your private label products are manufactured with quality, safety, conformity, and sustainability in mind. We've worked hard to meet the strict certification requirements maintained by these third party certification companies. These active certifications guarantee our process and your product.


Current Commodity Systems is SQF certified under module 2 and 11. We are committed to producing safe, high-quality, private label products that conform to all regulatory and audit standards to help build consumer trust. An SQF certificate requires significant and ongoing investments on our behalf, but guarantees excellence in food safety, quality control, and integrity.

organic certified

Current Commodity Systems is certified organic. Our facility is certified annually following an on-site third party audit under strict USDA guidelines. We have met or exceeded all of the documentation requirements. We have access to a trusted network of suppliers and producers that produce high-quality, certified organic coffee and tea for private label or contract manufacturing programs to help us maintain our organic certification status.


Current Commodity Systems is Fair Trade Certified. We are always excited to partner with companies that want to create products of integrity with a Fair Trade certification. We have access to a trusted network of farmers that supply high-quality, Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea, and other products for private label programs. Look for the certification mark on our quality products.


Current Commodity Systems is a certified Rainforest Alliance member. We are eager to create private label Rainforest Alliance coffee programs that do good for the world. We have access to a trusted network of coffee growers and exporters that supply high-quality, Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee for private label coffee programs.


Current Commodity Systems is Kosher certified and our facility is audited quarterly by our Rabbi. We follow strict adherance to Kosher guidelines to ensure your private label program and products meet the highest level of Jewish dietary law and safe food production.


Current Commodity Systems facility is registered with the FDA. We conform to all federal guidelines to ensure the safe and compliant production of private label food products.