2021 Annual Giving

2021 Annual Giving

We’re pleased and excited to announce the completion of our financial commitment and certified contributions for the 2021 fiscal year! Our annual giving is realized through 1% For The Planet, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. To learn more about 1% For The Planet click here.

Now, in this moment more than ever, our world needs help. Our complex and fragile home is evolving at an extraordinary rate. Insatiable demand for growth continues to come at a tremendous cost. As a purpose and commitment driven company, we acknowledge the risks ahead and our requirement to act, NOW.

We have funded six unique organizations focused on positive, value-driven impact for people and the planet.

Arbio Peru - A Peruvian nonprofit association founded in 2010 in Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios. We manage and protect 916 hectares of Amazon rainforest (2264 acres) in the watershed of the Las Piedras river, Madre de Dios. To learn more click here.

Karrkad Kanjdji Trust - An Australian group uniting indigenous rangers, communities’s and philanthropist’s to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues such as native biodiversity, climate change, women rights, cultural heritage, bi-cultural education and community sustainability.To learn more click here.

Drip by Drip - A nonprofit organization that works to find, develop and spread solutions for water issues caused by the textile industry. To learn more click here.

Women Engage for a Common Future(WECF) - A non-profit network dedicated to a gender just and healthy planet for all. The international network consists of over 150 women’s and civil society organizations implementing projects in 50 countries To learn more click here.

501cthree -  A nonprofit focused on energy, food, water, and shelter addressing the problems that climate change and resource scarcity have on communities of color. To learn more click here.

Support + Feed - A nonprofit pushing for a global shift to an equitable, plant-based food system to combat food insecurity and the climate crisis. To learn more click here.

The future CAN be bright. Let’s all do our part to shine BRIGHTER.

Ryan Yacura

Managing Partner,
Current Commodity Systems