Private Label Coffee

Private Label Coffee
Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. In this post we’re going to chat a bit about private label coffee and how Current Commodity Systems can help you start a private label coffee program of your own or transition to a new private label coffee supplier. We’ll provide a basic overview of what private label is and then dive into sourcing, processing and food safety - the basic backbones of any private label coffee program from seed to cup, and beyond.

Let’s start with the basics. What does “private label coffee” even mean? Oddly enough we rarely get asked this question. And trust us, we wish we did! Most coffee brands and customers assume that starting a private label coffee line is a catch-all term used to describe a product with your brand or logo on it it. Well, that simple explanation couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, private label coffee products feature the brand, logo and visual identity of their respective owner(maybe that’s soon to be you!) ; but that’s just the start. Creating a private label coffee product or program is an intense but rewarding journey that requires patience, time, and significant capital. If you’re reading this and simply want to put your coffee brand logo on a bag, white label coffee, coffee contract manufacturing and coffee co-packing might be a better option. Luckily, we can help with those products as well and turn your dream into a reality. Are you ready to start a private label coffee program? Keep on reading!


Have you ever thought about where your morning brew actually comes from? News flash. AmazIng coffee starts at the source. If your’e reading this and thinking about starting a private label coffee brand, chances are, those beans in your brewer were planted, grown, harvested, processed, packaged, and shipped thousands of miles away, from over 30 coffee-growing countries and thousands of growing regions. Wow. Billions of beans are sold, traded, and moved around the world every day. Got your attention? Good! If you want to create a world-class coffee brand, you have to have direct, trusted, and market-proven access to amazing farmers, growing cooperatives, and agricultural groups. You must know everything about quality-control , exporting, certifications, currency fluctuations, transcontinental shipping logistics, importing, price negotiations, hedging, and much more. Sounds like a lot already? Let Current Commodity Systems handle ALL of the heavy, hard, and risky sourcing work so you can focus on building your business and brand, one bean at a time. A private label coffee program has best-in-class sourcing already built in. All the hard work is already done. Hundreds of brands and companies, small, large and everything in between, trust and rely Current Commodity on Systems to create their private label coffee program because of the amazing access we have to the best coffee in the world.


Ok, amazing coffee has been sourced. What’s next on your private label coffee journey? You need an SQF certified coffee roaster and manufacturing plant of course! That’s why you partner with Current Commodity Systems . We operate a state-of-the- art, SQF certified coffee roasting plant in Oxnard, California. We’re located an hour north of Los Angeles and roast, grind, package, and ship millions of pounds of coffee for amazing customers all over the world.
Do you want a supplier that does it all? Well, we can help with that! We have revolving storage capacity for over 250,000 pounds of green “raw/unroasted” coffee along with several small and large format coffee roasters, grinders, flavoring and blending mixers, and a wide variety of automated packaging equipment and production lines to meet your needs. Additionally, our private label coffee roasting plant is fully certified for SQF, USDA Organic, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, and Kosher. Hundreds of brands and companies, small, large and everything-in-between, trust and rely on Current Commodity Systems to roast and process their private label coffee because of the amazing investments we have made in our manufacturing plant and facility. We hope you’re next!

Food Safety

Amazing Sourcing? Check? World class roasting? Done. Food safety and quality control? We take it VERY seriously. Most new brands and customers fail to confirm that their private label coffee supplier is SQF certified and has GMP(good manufacturing practices) protocols in place. Most don’t even know what these are! Don’t make the same mistake that unexperienced brands make - food safety and quality control should never be overlooked. Always do your homework.

If a private label coffee company doesn’t have an SQF certification or GMP’s in place, you and your brand lack control, transparency, and most importantly, the ability to ensure that your customers are buying and consuming a safe product free from risk. Mistakes do happen and recalls are real. If not properly handled, they can erode brand trust and cause financial pain that is irreversible, fast. Can you trust your current or prospective supplier to immediately react with an action plan on your behalf? Can you confirm that your supplier has a recent food safety audit? Have you every toured a private label coffee roaster’s facility? Your answers to these questions matter and are part of smart decision-making when you choosing a private label coffee partner.
Hundreds of brands and companies, small, large and everything in between, trust and rely on Current Commodity Systems to produce their private label coffee products because of our SQF certified, 3rd party-audited, food safety and quality control programs.

If we shared any more, we’d be giving away our secrets! Starting a private label coffee program is complex and requires expert guidance. Current Commodity Systems is here to help and we look forward to learning more about your needs. Let’s brew something great, together.

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