Coffee Toll Roasting

Coffee Toll Roasting
In this post, we’re going to discuss and review a common coffee industry term - toll roasting. You hear about coffee toll roasting quite often. This company is a “toll roaster.” That company has their coffee “toll roasted.” We often get calls that sound like this, “help, I need my coffee toll roasted yesterday!” Luckily, we’re here to help and explain a bit more about coffee toll roasting. And yes, Current Commodity System does provide toll roasting services.

Coffee toll roasting is the process in which we, a coffee roasting company, receive green unroasted coffee beans on behalf of a customer that doesn't own or operate a coffee roaster. We roast their(your) beans on their(your) behalf to their(your) exact specifications. Sound strange? Why would someone need coffee roasted if they don’t have a roaster? A coffee product for a brand that doesn’t own any coffee roasting equipment? Actually, it is more common than you would assume. Current Commodity Systems does a lot of small and large volume toll roasting for a wide range of clients. This includes cold brew coffee brands, ice cream companies, ingredient based clients, and so much more. Every wonder where chocolate covered espresso beans come from? Those beans are toll-roasted by Current Commodity Systems and then processed further to make the final product!

Step 1 - Customer sends us a green, unroasted coffee bean sample for evaluation
Step 2 - Current Commodity Systems advises the best roast and other information
Step 3 - Customer approves the sample and ships all unroasted coffee for processing
Step 4 - Current Commodity Systems roasts the coffee and prepares it for bulk shipment

*FYI* - Need your coffee packaged? Coffee co-packing is a great option. Read and learn more here.

Real world example. Let’s say you have a great green coffee bean connection. The beans are special, and they are exclusively yours. Now assume that you own a big national ice cream brand that needs a LOT of coffee for that mocha fudge or espresso ice cream. Remember, you’re an ice cream company not a coffee company. You don’t own or operate any machinery or equipment to roast coffee but you still need those special beans roasted for part of your product. This is where toll roasting comes in very handy. In this instance, the ice cream company would contact Current Commodity Systems for coffee toll roasting.

Coffee toll roasting is an easy way to start your own coffee brand or coffee-based product without any investment in high cost equipment, a certified facility, or a trained roasting staff. If you have green coffee beans that need to get roasted, you should consider toll roasting with Current Commodity Systems. Most coffee toll roasting projects are easy to start and require minimal upfront investment.

Get toll roasting today with Current Commodity Systems.