How Fulfillment and Dropshipping Help Businesses Grow

How Fulfillment and Dropshipping Help Businesses Grow

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method that enables you to sell your products online without needing to warehouse them first. Instead, you simply reach out to suppliers directly and have them ship the item directly to the customer once it has been ordered. 

Dropshipping strategies can be extremely beneficial for food companies. If you’re looking to expand your business operations as a food company, here is how fulfillment and dropshipping can help you grow your business or online store. 

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a fulfillment method and business model where the seller hands off the order to a third party for production, shipment, and delivery. This is typically handled by a supplier or manufacturer. 

Most companies buy their product from the manufacturer, then store it in their warehouse until it is shipped to the end customer. In dropshipping, the product is ordered from the manufacturer and shipped directly to the end customer. Many eCommerce businesses dropship so that their small business owners do not need to create a fulfillment center and rent warehouse space for an otherwise online business.

Fulfillment services can take it a step further by removing the middle company almost entirely. The manufacturer can sometimes monitor sales through the middle company’s systems and fill the orders as they come in. That way, all the middle company has to do is worry about selling products and the manufacturer does the rest. 

Benefits of Dropshipping for Food Manufacturing

The food manufacturing industry has a number of benefits when it comes to dropshipping. First, food manufacturers typically produce a large volume of inventory; therefore, the order quantities are likely large enough for a supplier to be willing to drop ship their products. This can be beneficial for food manufacturers who may not have the infrastructure or space necessary to store and ship items themselves. As a food manufacturer, dropping ship your products enables you to focus on growing your operations since production and delivery are based on the resources of the manufacturer. 

Tasks like expanding your product line, diversifying your product offerings, or growing your brand awareness become much easier since the load is shared with a third party. 

This can be particularly beneficial for smaller manufacturers who cannot afford to hire a large team, but who want to be able to scale their business operations.

Faster Delivery is Always Better

Fulfillment and dropshipping also make the delivery process faster. In the food industry, making food last a long time is difficult for many options. That’s why faster delivery is always better. It means fewer preservatives and better tasting food. Fulfillment and dropshipping services can make sure that food items are delivered faster since they don’t need to stop in the middle company’s warehouse. 

Is Dropshipping Food Safe?

Dropshipping is a very safe method of fulfilling orders. When you drop ship, you aren’t holding the products in your inventory. It is simply making an arrangement with the manufacturer or supplier to send the product directly to the customer once they’ve placed an order. 

This is why dropshipping is particularly safe for food manufacturers who, in addition to selling non-perishable items, may also sell perishable items such as dairy, meat, and produce products. 

Because perishable items often need to be shipped quickly, dropshipping is an excellent way for food manufacturers to expedite these orders and get them to customers sooner. This is because when you drop ship, you’re relying on the supplier to handle the logistics of the shipment and to make sure it arrives on time.

How Food Businesses Use Food Fulfillment Services

Although food manufacturers can certainly drop ship their products, they can also partner with third-party food fulfillment services that specialize in food-specific logistics and shipping. These companies can help with the planning, packaging, and shipping of food products and can often help you to determine the correct food shipping regulations. These food fulfillment services can also help you to ensure your products arrive in pristine condition and can help you to reduce food spoilage and food waste.

Tips for Better Food Fulfillment and Drop Shipping Operations

Any food company can start using dropshipping and fulfillment services. The key is knowing how to use them effectively and making the process easy. Here are some tips to help you put those services to good use. 

Choose the Right Products

If you’re looking to start dropshipping your food products, be sure to select products that are easy to ship. This can be particularly important when you’re shipping perishable items, as the last thing you want to do is have a customer receive a product that’s been damaged or has spoiled due to poor packaging. 

Use Coordination Tools to Your Advantage

There are a number of tools and resources available to help you find dropshipping suppliers. These can range from online marketplaces and social networks where you can find suppliers who are looking to drop ship their products through apps and software that can help you to manage your dropshipping relationships.

Scale With Your Food Manufacturer

Once you have a food manufacturer handling production, it can be tempting to start selling as much as possible to expand your business. While you could expand this way, there is a chance that you will outpace your manufacturer. If that happens, there will be backlogs in orders while the manufacturer tries to catch up.

Work with your manufacturer to determine how much capacity there is and to grow alongside your business. This makes it easy to keep both your manufacturer and customers happy. 

Choose the Right Fulfillment and Dropshipping Partner

When you put your operations in the hands of another business, there is always a risk. You can severely reduce that risk by choosing the right business partner. You want a partner with experience, as well as the right food safety certifications and connections to get products delivered on time. At Current Commodity Systems, we work with food companies to create products and get them where they need to be quickly. Call us at (805) 278-0136 to discuss how we can help your food business reach a new level of productivity and success.