Why Every Company Needs Office Coffee Services

Why Every Company Needs Office Coffee Services

Work is synonymous with coffee. Everyone drinks it to start their day, get through the day, or wind down after a long day. However, many company offices are brewing it themselves. This limits their options and creates more work for office staff to manage the office break room’s coffee solution, whether a vending machine or managing a coffee brewer. The better option is to bring in an office coffee service to manage it for you. Here is why every company needs an office service company for coffee and tea. 

What is Office Coffee Service?

A coffee service is a professional program that provides employees with top-quality coffee and related products. These programs are usually run by specialty coffee retailers that can provide fresh, high-quality coffee at a lower cost than if employees purchased their coffee on their own. 

An office coffee service provides employees with everything they need to make and serve coffee in the workplace, including cups, lids, paper filters, coffee beans, and a method of brewing. In some cases, they deliver already-made coffee to the office. 

While this may sound basic, there are many additional services that can be included. For instance, an office coffee service can be responsible for ordering and restocking coffee products, managing the coffee procurement process, and providing cleaning supplies to keep coffee-making equipment at its best. Some coffee services provide dietary consultation, employee training, and even help with selecting coffee-making equipment.

How Office Coffee Services Improve Office Productivity

One of the biggest reasons to implement an office coffee service is the productivity boost you’ll see from your employees. When someone drinks coffee, the caffeine molecules block the action of adenosine, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel sleepy. This caffeine boost can help employees stay alert and focused, allowing them to be more productive and creative. Additionally, office coffee services are a great way to bring teams together. If this has been a goal in your office, an office coffee service is a great way to set the stage for meaningful connections between employees.

What Does an Office Coffee Service Provide?

An office coffee service, at its core, provides employees with coffee beans, grounds, and other related items. However, these services can also include other items, such as tea, iced tea, specialty drinks like lattes, espresso, and coffee machines, and a cleaning service to ensure employees are always using high-quality products. 

When selecting a coffee service provider, it’s important to find one that can meet the needs of your office, as well as your personal coffee preferences. Many of these services let you pick and choose exactly what services they provide. This is a great way to tailor the program to your office’s preferences or even scale as the office grows in size. Take advantage of this flexibility to try to meet the needs of everyone in your office. When done well, it becomes a perk that improves everyone’s day.

Replenishment Services

A replenishment service, often offered as part of an office coffee service, ensures employees have a fresh supply of coffee and related products. 

This service has many benefits, including reducing the time spent ordering products and managing inventory, as well as curtailing the risk of spoilage. With a replenishment service, your office coffee service provider will automatically order new supplies when the levels of coffee beans, grounds, and other items run low. You can then schedule the items to be delivered at a time that works best for your team. 

Some companies that offer office coffee services provide a free replenishment service, while others charge a small fee for this service. If you choose to hire a company that charges for a replenishment service, you may want to consider it as a line item in your budget, as it will likely reduce the amount of money your employees spend on coffee from other sources.

How Often Should You Replenish?

One of the most common questions about office coffee services is how often you should replace products — especially beans. The simple answer is that the frequency will depend on many factors, including how many employees you have, how often they brew coffee and their preferences. 

For example, if your team only drinks coffee once a week, it might be more cost-effective for you to purchase more beans than if your team drinks a few pots each day. That said, one of the benefits of working with a coffee service is that you will rarely be out of coffee. This is beneficial both for employees and the company: employees always have fresh coffee available, and the company doesn’t have to deal with the hassle of managing inventory in the break room.

When To Increase or Expand Coffee Services

Office coffee services aren’t something you should sign up for and then forget about. Instead, you should be constantly evaluating how well these programs are working for your team. If they are helping, but you don’t have enough coffee for the office, you may want to consider adding more coffee services, such as cold coffee, iced tea, or coffee delivery services. These additions can help create a more positive work environment, as well as help reduce your employees’ overall stress levels. 

If you currently have coffee services in your office, take a moment to evaluate how they’re working. Are employees happy with the products they’re receiving? Are they enjoying the experience of getting coffee in the office? If not, you may want to consider switching to another provider or adding another coffee service.

Help Your Staff Stay Happy With the Right Help

Coffee is something that all staff members can agree is essential to their work. Make it easy for your staff to get exactly what they want by setting up an office coffee service program. Learn what your staff wants and needs, then build a program that they will love. 

You may need the help of a food manufacturing and fulfillment company to make this work. At Current Commodity Systems, we help companies set up their office coffee services. Call us at (805) 278-0136 to discuss setting up a program for your office.